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Important Dates

January 13

Last day of pre-sale for previews clients to reserve exhibit spaces before starting the regular sale.

May 12

Last day to submit participation in the NPI Catalog and participation in Business Pre-Show.

February 1st

First day of regular sale. Exhibitors and Sponsorships

May 19

Last day to send ads artwork for La Voz de MIDA and Consumer Radiography Magazines.

April 29

If the sponsor cancels the participation (exhibitor) must pay 50% of the total price of the contracted spaces.

May 26

Last day to indicate if they will be carrying out

any artistic show and to send the sample form.

May 29

If the sponsor cancel the participation (exhibitor), must pay the total price of the contracted spaces.

June 2

Any exhibitor with debts until this date, will not be able to make booth assembly. From this date, will apply a late fee of 10%.

May 29

Last day to send a copy of the insurance policy endorsement.

June 26  – July 2

MIDA will provide surveillance services.

May 29 - June 2

Last week to submit design plans to the Convention Center.

June 26 – 28

Assembly days.

June 29

Opening Day.

July 1-2

Days of disassembly.

June 30

Convention's second day.

July 1st

End of the exhibitionn

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